Drawing contracts for the private financing for the film and share participation in the distribution of profits;


Agency management of directors interests;


Participation in negotiations between the customer and the producer;


Drawing contracts, documents, template forms, etc. in the field of audiovisual works and film production;


Due diligence protection of rights to audiovisual works;


Legal advising on legal terms of protection and registration of marks for goods and services in Ukraine and other countries;


Registration of marks for goods and services and support of cooperation of applicants with patent offices;


Settlement of relations and consultations of agreements between owners of one mark for goods and services;


Drawing and registration of licensing contracts for the sale of signs, support for the conclusion of licensing agreements;


Protection of the infringed rights of the owner of the mark, settlement of the committed violations and payment of compensation in the pre-trial procedure;


Representation of the interests of the authors of photographic and musical composition, including negotiations with customers;


Drawing agreements on the transfer and expropriation of rights to photographic and musical compositions, other treaties;


Legal consultations about collective management of property rights for authors of musical compositions;


Legal consultations about commercial use of photographic and musical compositions and royalties;


Development of financial legal models for the sale and distribution of rights to photographic and musical compositions;


Regulation of relations and agreements between co-authors;


Legal consultations about rights of authors with the use of photographic and musical compositions in the Internet and social networks.

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